Residential care

Country Health Connect has a range of residential aged care facilities in unique country settings with landscaped gardens. These facilities offer us the chance to create a home away from home for every one of our residents, with accommodation for both singles and couples.

Many of our facilities are co-located with the local public hospital to provide additional support. You or your loved one will be able to easily access comprehensive clinical care when it’s needed, along with services like physiotherapy, podiatry and occupational therapy.

Our healthy lifestyle approach will help you remain physically, mentally and socially active. And although you are in a home with others, our staff make it feel like a home away from home where those treasured things are still around you.

Our staff will work with you to identify a personalised and structured lifestyle plan that builds on your strengths and makes the most of your life experience and areas of interest.

Community focused

Our services are strongly grounded in the local community and participating in community events is very important to staff and residents alike. We make sure that a sense of community is developed through activities scheduled in our centres each day.

Country Health Connect teams arrange social outings, arts and cultural activities, and access to community-based groups, and they strive to retain strong community links. They focus on supporting you to be as independent as possible. You are encouraged to access the beautiful grounds and support our groundsmen to keep them looking tip top.

Families and friends remain integral to everyday life within the home, with plenty of opportunities for all generations to come together over coffee and join in with activities in the social calendar.

Expert dementia care

Country Health Connect staff are leaders in dementia care, equipped to meet the needs of people living with the challenges of dementia and trained in the very latest way to support people and their families to thrive.

Many of our sites have access to exercise programs and opportunities for rehabilitation, with staff trained in restorative care approaches and best practice care.

You can find out more about our residential aged care facilities in each region from the links below:

Barossa Hills Fleurieu

Our facilities in the Barossa Hills Fleurieu region of South Australia are well supported by the local communities, ensuring our homes are engaged in local traditions, which are important to our residents.

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Eyre and Far North

Our facilities in the Eyre and Far North region of South Australia are situated in a range of locations, from the beautiful coastal townships through to the rural and remote townships of the far north. They have a country feel and are linked to local communities to enable country traditions to be a part of everyday life.

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Flinders and Upper North

Our facilities in the Flinders and Upper North region of South Australia are surrounded by historical landmarks and beautiful mountain ranges. They are situated in townships rich in history and are supported by the local communities to ensure our residents maintain their links to the past but embrace the opportunities of the future.

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Limestone Coast

Our facilities in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia are surrounded by a mixture of broad acre farming, small fishing towns and vineyards. Our homes are a part of local communities and have strong links with community organisations, churches and businesses.

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Riverland Mallee Coorong

Our facilities in the Riverland Mallee Coorong region of South Australia are surrounded by picturesque hills and impressive agricultural townships. They are grounded in the local communities and have strong links with community organisations, churches and businesses.

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Yorke and Northern

Our facilities in the Yorke and Northern region of South Australia have strong historical links to the communities in which they are situated. The local communities are very proud of the homes and strongly support them to ensure the homes have beautiful spacious and comfortable living environments.

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Download the Residential Aged Care Services brochure for more information about our residential care options.

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